Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing (GWUT)

Purpose: Guided Wave is an advance long range ultrasonic testing technique. It is equally sensitive both internal and external to the changes in cross section such as corrosion, large area pitting and erosion anywhere on the circumference in a single test location, the test range can be up to 70 meters and entire volume of the pipe.

  • GWUT can be performed without taking the pipe out of service
  • Evaluating insulated pipes, cased sections, road crossings, compressor station piping, buried pipelines, tank dike piping, and most piping systems which are difficult to access and which in the past could not be inspected economically
  • Offshore process piping/riser inspection (Particularly the Splash Zone).
  • Refinery piping Chemical plant.
  • Power generation plant.

Using a special arrays of transducer at a tens kilohertz frequency to send out a burst of ultrasonic waves. These waves are guided by the boundaries of pipe or plate without spread. Whenever there are any changes in cross section, stiffness or features on pipe, it will reflect back in different wave mode signals and its distance.